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Submission Of Emma Marx, The: Evolved

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Ever since the death of her first dominant, William Frederick, Emma has struggled to adjust to life as a submissive without him. Unable to form lasting connections with other men, Emma chooses to abandon the lifestyle completely. But, her world is flipped upside down when she meets Mariah, a sassy 18 woman eager to explore the BDSM world. Seeing much of her former self in this 18 woman, Emma takes it upon herself to educate Mariah about life as a submissive and volunteers to act as her temporary Dominant. However, things become complicated when Mariah grows attached to Emma and wants their arrangement to become a permanent one. Will Emma be able to walk away from the life she always loved and a girl who desperately needs her? Or is there more in the BDSM world for Emma than she ever fully realized?

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